2. The Wheelers – Return to Oz (1985)

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The Wizard of Oz is a long-standing family favorite, but how many remember its 1985 sequel, Return to Oz?

Anyone who does will likely remember it as one of the most terrifying non-horror films ever made. Early on, before returning to Oz, Dorothy is sent to a clinic for some barbaric electro-shock therapy, but she manages to escape the hospital in a storm and finds herself back in the magical land. Here she meets the Nome King, a giant malevolent stone-dweller who has imprisoned all of her friends, and Mombi, a witch with a collection of heads in glass cabinets that she wears and discards like clothing. However, somehow more disturbing than everything else in this profoundly unsettling film, Dorothy also meets the Wheelers.

Basically, imagine a mixture of the Sex Pistols and the Droobs from A Clockwork Orange, except they’re crawling around on all fours with wheels instead of hands and feet – and you’ve got the Wheelers.

Upon returning to the ruins Emerald City, and slowly realizing that her friends from The Wizard of Oz have all been turned to stone, a distraught Dorothy is stalked by the Wheelers, who then chase her into a dead-end passageway before delivering her to Mombi.

The Wheelers are absolutely terrifying, and to be honest, they’ve made it difficult to trust anyone on roller skates.