3. Pleasure Island – Pinocchio (1940)

Another earlier Disney title with some pretty heavy scenes is Pinocchio. To be fair, the story itself is more than a little disturbing, with the wooden puppet coming to life and then running away with a couple of con-men who sell him to an unpleasant marionette master who locks him away. After magic sets him free, he’s once again taken in by the con-men, which is where this particular entry comes in.

The dubiously named Pleasure Island is an amusement park where wayward children are allowed to drink beer and smoke cigars. However, due to their bad behavior, they’re magically turned into donkeys and then sold into a lifetime of slavery and humiliation.

The whole story is something of a relic from a very different time, but telling children that they’ll turn into animals and then be sold into a lifetime of misery if they misbehave? Uncool, Disney – and deeply disturbing both tonally and in its implications.