5. Unmasking – The Witches (1990)

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Roald Dahl’s classic stories regularly feature some pretty unsettling stuff, which has made for more than a few disturbing movie moments. One that many quote as a major source of childhood trauma is this particular scene in 1990’s The Witches, based on Dahl’s story of the same name.

If you’ve seen it, it likely doesn’t need describing, because it’s the sort of scene that sears itself into young minds. After finding himself in a hotel with a large convention of child-eating witches, the film’s young protagonist becomes trapped while spying on the women. He’s helpless to watch as the witch-filled conference room begins to collectively unmask, then talk about how they love eating children, all while sniffing the air to try to root him out of his hiding place.

Every aspect of the scene is so thoroughly disturbing that The Witches remains one of the biggest sources of nightmare fuel for practically everyone who watched it in their youth.