1. Harry Potter

Before you angrily scroll to the comments to drop some abuse, hear me out.

The Harry Potter franchise consists of eight films that essentially document the youth of its three stars – naturally, with so many child actors, there’s some instances of bad acting, and there’s also numerous scenes that are just plain cheesy.

However, Harry Potter being overrated doesn’t actually come at all from its films, even if there are issues that really should be addressed. No, the franchise’s status as the most overrated in all of cinema is squarely down to its fans.

With quite possibly the most rabid fandom in existence, Harry Potter is a franchise that only those with a death wish would insult. Anyone who speaks even a word against Potter is essentially painting a target on their heads, regardless of how valid that criticism might be.

It’s completely impossible for anything to be as perfect as Harry Potter fans believe the franchise is, and that makes it by far the most overrated of them all – even if they are generally decent films.

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