8. Twilight

Probably not a surprising inclusion, really. The Twilight franchise might have its detractors, but it still boasts a staggering amount of hardcore fans, and they will defend these movies to their last.

In an age where vampire films were fast becoming action-heavy, Twilight dared to try to make them romantic… and failed spectacularly. With its more “tender” moments coming off decidedly creepy, any semblance of romance in the Twilight saga plays out as though it was written by a 12-year-old girl.

Even the franchise’s stars voiced their disdain for the films, and their involvement actually set their careers back significantly – they’re only just now escaping their status as underrated actors – so it’s not hard to see why exactly those defending the Twilight films are blatantly misguided.

Let’s not get it twisted, though: the fault here doesn’t lie solely with the films, as they’re relatively faithful adaptations of Stephanie Meyer’s book series of the same name. Meyer wrote the books based on a dream she had about a sexy vampire, and the resulting quality is about what you’d expect.