9. The Matrix

After the underwhelming reception of The Matrix Resurrections, this franchise’s fandom have slunk away with their tails between their legs (for now, at least).

Still, The Matrix franchise is a strange one, because again, it boasts some excellent and iconic moments – it’s just that it really isn’t as smart as it gets credit for. While many are quick to point out that it’s only the first entry into the franchise that’s ever really been considered a great film, The Matrix Resurrections still was awarded much fanfare ahead of its release, so there’s clearly still a lot of passion for the franchise.

However, from the moment The Matrix begins, it’s clear that it hasn’t aged well.

Whether its the references to outdated technology or the stupendously heavy-handed symbolism, the simple fact is that The Matrix franchise is genuinely awful at disguising its deeper themes. While there’s plenty of sci-fi action to enjoy, its a franchise that’s overstuffed with its own ego, and it’s nowhere near as smart as it thinks it is. In fact, it’s more deliberately confusing than it is intelligent, with one or two expository monologues delivered in the tone you’d expect your average internet comment section to speak in.