7. Jurassic Park

Everyone ready for a hot take? Well, here it comes: every Jurassic Park film since the original has been pure garbage.

Don’t worry, no one is attacking Spielberg’s 1993 original – it’s a classic and it holds up far better than anyone could have imagined – but The Lost World: Jurassic Park saw a significant dip in quality. Jurassic Park III was an utter train wreck, and the Jurassic World films have taken the premise and bastardized everything sacred about it.

Part of the beauty of the original was its dazzling special effects and the complex ethical and theological themes of the story. Its legacy has become little more than “big dinosaurs are scary for small humans”, and the latest films reek of Hollywood fluff and box office bait.

It’s almost painful to acknowledge, but what was once a beautiful thing has become a twisted reflection of its former self. Really, it’s high time that the Jurassic Park franchise went the way of the dinosaur.