3. The Fast Saga

The Fast & Furious franchise’s overrated nature is generally well-known, and somehow has only fed into its continued success.

Honestly, there’s something impressive in the way that a film about street racing thieves spawned one of the most successful cinematic franchises ever, and it was done without ever applying even a shred of logic to proceedings.

It’s baffling that some Fast & Furious movies were even greenlit, but as the franchise has proved that its fans are willing to pay to see stunts that defy all known science and hilariously intense scenes driven by the power of family, it’s managed to continue on to achieve success disproportionate to its quality.

It’s not likely anyone will debate that the Fast Saga is overrated, as its nonsensical existence is sort of part of its charm. It certainly seems that Vin Diesel intends to live up to the ridiculous reputation of the franchise, regardless, even if there’s very few ways left to up the ante for future installments.