2022 marked something of a return to form for the film industry after a turbulent couple of years, with numerous delayed films finally seeing a release alongside exciting new titles made after (and even during, in some cases) the pandemic. 2023 is already shaping up to offer more of the same, with various delayed titles finally scheduled for release alongside some new and exciting movies.

Some of the following have been teased for years and should (hopefully) finally be released in the next 12 months. Others simply look promising due to their writers, directors, or cast. One thing that all of the following definitely have in common is that they all have a 2023 release date as well as our attention – here are 14 of Corner of Film’s most anticipated movies for 2023.

14. The Flash

Ezra Miller as the Flash in The Flash trailer

Scheduled release date: 16 June 2023

The fact that The Flash‘s current release date is over 5 years after its first scheduled release should go some way toward explaining exactly why it’s so highly anticipated. With Ezra Miller reprising their role from Justice League, The Flash is set to expand the DCU into its own multiverse. As well as Miller reportedly appearing as multiple versions of the DC hero, Michael Keaton is also slated to make his return as Batman after over three decades since he last played the role in 1992’s Batman Returns.

The current state of the DCU notwithstanding, The Flash remains an exciting prospect. Though Miller’s off-screen antics have potentially tarnished the film somewhat, the sheer length of the wait to see their version of the Flash in his own movie is enough to keep hope for the movie’s quality alive. Honestly, at this point, anything that shows where the DCU is actually headed would be gratefully appreciated by its patient fans.

13. Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear title card

Scheduled release date: 24 February 2023

Say, for argument’s sake, that a large quantity of cocaine was ingested by a black bear. Then say that the bear in question went on a drug-fuelled rampage. Wouldn’t that be something you’d want to see?

Of course, the only acceptable answer is yes. Directed by Elizabeth Banks with an impressive cast, Cocaine Bear is essentially a marketing executive’s wet dream. Oh, yes – one more thing: it’s actually based on a true story.