In movies, much like in life, not everything needs to be explained. As holding the audience’s hand by over-explaining every detail of a film’s plot comes off as patronizing, movies tend to avoid the practice. Unfortunately, sometimes this leaves the biggest movie questions forever unanswered.

Of course, there are those films that deliberately leave things ambiguous. However, this practice is by its very nature frustrating, as it leaves the audience wanting more. One way or another, we’d like a definitive answer, and it seems we just aren’t going to get it.

We’ve done out best to round up some of the biggest and most burning unanswered movie questions out there. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that you’ll walk away with any actual answers to them. Honestly, we’re every bit as frustrated as you are.

8. Who Killed Uncle Ben In The Amazing Spider-Man?

Biggest unanswered movie questions - Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Uncle Ben's killer

Andrew Garfield’s turn as Spider-Man will be remembered for many things. Excellent crime-fighting quips, wasted potential, and unanswered questions all spring immediately to mind, the latter proving a particularly irritating legacy. Despite the fact that it got a sequel, Garfield’s first outing as Spider-Man, 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, left a central mystery unresolved.

As any traditional Spider-Man origin story should, The Amazing Spider-Man features a heart-wrenching scene in which Uncle Ben is tragically killed. His murder was more than just a push into vigilantism for Garfield’s Peter Parker, though: it started an obsession. Peter spends much of the film obsessing over finding the killer, and even tracks various criminals matching his description. It builds an air of mystery around his identity, making it feel as though it will prove an important revelation.

Peter is promptly distracted by the rampaging Lizard and forgets all about his search. A final scene does allude to some mysterious conspiracy involving Parker’s parents, but again, this isn’t properly explored in the sequel. As Spider-Man movies go, it’s not the worst, but it leaves a major plot point entirely unresolved. We’re still annoyed about it over a decade later.