Since the dawn of the genre, horror movies have featured some of the most violent, creepy, and otherwise unpleasant characters in cinema. The very nature of horror movies means that their antagonists are written to be as frightening as possible, and though that quality may not seem to be compatible with likability, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, horror movie villains are actually quite likable.

If you can look past all the crimes against humanity, these particular villains don’t seem all bad.  Some of them actually have something of a sense of humor, while others appear to be more a product of unfortunate circumstance and not at all bad people (in spite of the murder). Not that we’re condoning their behavior, but in all honesty, these horror movie villains just seem oddly likable.

7. Norman Bates

Likable horror movie villains - Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in Psycho

Is Norman Bates a creepy dude? Absolutely. But is he also charming and sweet? You betcha.

We hate to say it, because he’s a dangerous psychopath, but Norman Bates is one of the most likable horror movie villains there is. The thing about Bates is that his whole deal is presenting himself as a charming host who puts his guests at ease. Never mind what happens after, we still think he seems like a nice guy.

As far as murderers go, he’s something of a sympathetic figure. He is shown to struggle with his murderous tendencies, and always maintains his excellent manners and quietly charming demeanor. We’re not saying we’d stay at his motel, but we’d probably grab a drink with Norman (in a nice, safe location).